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During a separation or marriage breakdown there are so many important decisions to make regarding your financial future, your home, your children, and much more. Our team of divorce solicitors in Taunton understand the emotional and physical strains that come with these decisions, which is why we’re here to help you overcome the emotional and legal challenges of a divorce, and to help you get your life back on track.

Your Specialist Divorce Solicitors

During a separation it’s so important to receive the best and most professional advice from experienced divorce solicitors who understand your situation. Our divorce solicitors in Taunton are committed to supporting you through this difficult time. Every member of our team specialises in a key area of divorce law; such as trusts, the law relating the children, and personal and business finance, so rest assured that you’ll receive all the specialist advice and support needed to get you through the process. 

Our approach as your divorce solicitor 

Our team of divorce solicitors in Taunton are committed to providing clients with cost effective and clear legal support from the very beginning to the very end of the divorce process, and will always work towards the best outcome for you and your family. The team will work hard to achieve non-confrontational solutions so you feel safe and supported, and bypass the stresses and costs involved with court proceedings, which we believe is a last resort, not a first step. 

Awards and Accreditation for our divorce solicitors 

Slee Blackwell were very proud to be awarded the NSPCC Childhood Champion Awards 2018. 

We’re also members of Resolution; a nationally recognised and respected body of specialist family lawyers who are committed to finding quick and cost effective solutions to family law disputes. Our divorce solicitors in Taunton are also accredited with The Law Society in finance and children work.

To discuss your current situation further or ask any questions, Slee Blackwell offers a free family law helpline. So please just contact one of our divorce solicitors in Devon and Somerset for a free assessment by calling 0333 888 0404.

Areas of Specialism:

If you or your spouse own a business in joint or sole names, then this will affect your financial settlement. Businesses provide income and hold capital, so are required to be valued and then included in financial disclosure. Our team of divorce solicitors in Taunton will liaise with forensic accounts, surveyors, land agents, agricultural lending specialists and valuers to gain a clear picture of the overall value of the businesses in question.
Breakdown of marriages and subsequent divorces often result in emotional stress or trauma for any children involved, which is why our team of divorce solicitors offer a mediation process to resolve issues smoothly, whilst avoiding confrontation. However if this can’t be settled out of court, then we’re at hand to support you through court hearings, preparing statements and putting your case forward.
The law does not offer the same level of protection to unmarried couples who have chosen to cohabit, as it does to married couples. If you’re preparing to move in with your partner and plan to clearly set out how your assets, money and property is to be treated, then our team is ready to draft you a Cohabitation Agreement. Cohabitation Agreements are not legally binding, but can be used as evidence of your combined intentions when it comes to money and property should you separate. The team can also offer support for any legal claim you have in Trust law against a property that was in your partner’s name which you believe you’re entitled to a share of.
Trust interests are required to be disclosed during the divorce process, meaning that all assets and resources are accounted for. With there being a variety of types of trust, there’s scope to argue exactly what a person’s beneficial interest is, particularly when the provision is at the discretion of the trustees. There is wide range of Trust types, each offering their own scope for argument as to the value of an individual’s interest in it.
The Child Maintenance Service (CMS) are ready to decide on levels of financial child support if parents cannot come to an agreement. During this process it’s so important to understand your financial responsibilities for your child, as the CMS have considerable enforcement powers. Our team of divorce solicitors in Taunton are ready to help you understand your CMS liability, which we believe is the cornerstone of any financial negotiation with your spouse or ex-spouse.
The Matrimonial Causes Act sets out the financial factors that the court will take into account when a married couple divorce. Our team of divorce solicitors are on hand to support you in gathering information and documents that are required for the financial disclosure process, and offer advice on your options for achieving the best outcome. We believe that every divorce process should be concluded with a Financial Remedy Order, which can be obtained by consent, or as a result of a contested court application.
Inherited Wealth and Pre-marital assets
If you feel unsafe at home, or threatened by your ex-partner, then there are various court orders available to you. For example an Occupation Order excludes someone from a jointly owned property, or if you feel threatened, then you could be entitled to protection from an Injunction to stop your ex-partner from approaching your home. These orders are not made lightly in court, which is why we’re here to offer the specialist legal advice required; our team will prepare your court applications and supporting statements, as well as represent you in court proceedings.
The court always retains the power to adjudicate on whether a Spousal Maintenance Order should, or should not be made. The court can also decide on the level and duration of any order, whether to cover the short or long term income needs of an ex-spouse. One key factor in these types of orders is a reasonable disparity of income and earning potential, these orders are periodical in nature, and are capable of upward or downward variation.
Our team of solicitors offer decades of experience when it comes to dealing with the complexities and fine details of pension products that couples often have, and the varying incomes and benefits that come with each pension. We’ll study both the value of the pension, as well as what it will likely produce by way of retirement income. This process is complex, and our team are on hand to offer all the specialist advice you’ll need, as well liaise with financial experts to earn you a fair deal.

Work with our team:

Paul Jordan
Non-practising Consultant
Paul is a Non-practising consultant who specialised in matrimonial law throughout his long career with Slee Blackwell.
Paul Jordan
Non-practising Consultant
Paul is a Non-practising consultant who specialised in matrimonial law throughout his long career with Slee Blackwell.