Jasmine Moxey-Butler

Jasmine is a specialist personal injury lawyer. She is based at our Taunton office where she represents clients nationwide. Jasmine has achieved a number of particularly noteworthy successes and has been able to succeed in cases where other law firms have failed. Her tenacity and expertise brings results and her clients are thoroughly impressed by the service she provides.

Cow injury claims

cow injury

Making a cow injury claim. Our specialist cow injury lawyer, Jasmine Moxey-Butler, wrote an article for this website last year about cow attacks. Since then, more unfortunate cases of cows attacking innocent passersby have been reported in the news. For example, a retired council worker, Mr Evans, was sadly killed by a cow which had

Zoonotic disease compensation

zoonotic disease compensation solicitors

Making a zoonotic disease compensation claim We specialise in animal law, so if you are looking for solicitors to make a zoonotic disease compensation claim on your behalf then our award-winning team are here to help. A zoonotic disease is one that can be transmitted from vertebrate animals to humans, or from human to animal.

Cryptosporidium compensation helpline

Our free legal helpline is here to help those who want to know where they stand on claiming cryptosporidium compensation following the outbreak of the parasitic illness in Devon. Public health experts predict that the number of people infected by cryptosporidium is likely to increase for up to two weeks following the initial outbreak in

Devon cryptosporidiosis outbreak

We specialise in No Win, No Fee compensation claims. Contact our helpline for a free case review.

Police claims lawyer featured in i news

Police claims expert, Jasmine Moxey-Butler, has been interviewed by i news about police forensics underfunding and the Synlab scandal. Jasmine, who is a partner and head of our specialist Police Compensation Unit, spoke to Steve Robson of i news regarding the far-reaching effects of police forensics underfunding, the calamitous results of which she sees firsthand.

Synlab scandal


Compensation for victims of the Synlab scandal. As the Synlab scandal continues to play out, a number of affected individuals are receiving cheques from His Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Services, reimbursing them for the fines they paid following conviction for drug driving. It is estimated that as many as 1,700 people may be impacted by

Injured by a cow

Cow injury

Can I make a claim if I am injured by a cow? Cows grazing peacefully in our picturesque countryside are a common sight. However, while these gentle creatures may seem harmless, encounters with them can sometimes result in serious injury. If you find yourself the victim of an attack, you might wonder about your rights

Severe dog bite case successfully resolved

Navigating the Complexities of a Severe Dog Bite Case In the serene coastal setting of Rest Bay, Porthcawl, a leisurely family outing turned into a disaster. What began as a casual bike ride along the picturesque coastal path ended in an aggressive dog attack that left our client with permanent injuries, and triggered a legal

Sexual assault within the police force

The growing problem of sexual assault within the police force Just as the public are supposed to feel protected by the police, police officers themselves are entitled to feel protected and supported by their colleagues. However, while the police force is well known for its camaraderie and the fellowship of the ‘thin blue line’, policing

Legal claims against the police.

Legal actions against the police in the UK

We specialise in pursuing legal claims against the police wherever there has been police misconduct or negligence in England and Wales. Legal actions against police can brought by members of the public who have been wronged by the police and who are deserving of compensation. We deal with a full range of legal claims against