Will Solicitors Barnstaple

Slee Blackwell’s team of Will solicitors in Barnstaple are experienced across the full spectrum of Will writing and probate work. Whether your affairs are relatively simple or more complex and varied, the Slee Blackwell team are ready to help you make absolutely sure your wishes are reflected and that your loved ones are taken care of.Our Will writing service starts from as little as £170 plus VAT for a standard single Will, and just £270 plus VAT for standard joint Wills.

Will Writing Expertise on Your Doorstep

Failing to make a Will can cause a real headache for your loved ones at an already trying time, using our team of Will writing solicitors in Barnstaple can avoid stress and additional cost. The importance of having your Will professionally prepared really can’t be underestimated and with estate disputes in the UK still on the rise, you really need a team you can trust.

Mirror Wills

Many married couples opt for ‘mirror Wills’.  These Wills compliment each other, taking into consideration shared assets, and similar provisions are included in each. ‘Mirror Wills’ are different to ‘Mutual Wills’ which are an altogether more complex offering, please do get in touch with the team to find out more.

Included in the Price of Your Will

Our specialist Will writing solicitors in Barnstable will work with you to understand the complexities of your estate and to anticipate any issues that may arise after your death.  The work necessary to oversee the execution of your Will after it has been prepared is included in the price of your Will and unlike some Will writers, we don’t charge you to store your Will in our strongroom. Of course we’ll provide you with a copy to keep at home whilst the original remains safe and secure.

Give us a call on freephone 0333 888 0404 or email us at [email protected] for a no obligation conversation or to request written confirmation of our fees.

Areas of Specialism:

Making a Will and ensuring it remains up to date is one of the best things we can do for our loved ones. You can make financial provision for those you care about, ensure vulnerable beneficiaries are looked after, protect the value of your estate from the drain of Care Home Fees and reduce the impact of inheritance tax on your estate.
We provide a full range of estate administration services including: obtaining a Grant of Representation, dealing with the deceased’s tax affairs (Inheritance Tax, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax) realising the assets, settling debts and distributing the estate. We can help you make significant tax savings too.
Delegating the management of your affairs to another through a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) can offer fantastic peace of mind. Should you lose capacity to manage your own affairs, you’ll know that someone you trust will act in your best interests.
Our team are experienced in dealing with the Court of Protection whether registering a Lasting Power of Attorney or applying for a deputyship. Our expertise and client care will give you peace of mind.
Inheritance disputes are becoming increasingly common. We can advise on the best steps to take to avoid a dispute arising. Our specialist contentious probate department can also deal with any claim under the Inheritance Act or a challenge to the validity of a Will.

Work with our team:

Vanessa Swales
Vanessa Swales is a solicitor and partner in Braunton who has been with the firm since 1993. She specialises in all aspects of private client law.
Vanessa Swales
Vanessa Swales is a solicitor and partner in Braunton who has been with the firm since 1993. She specialises in all aspects of private client law.