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Inheritance and Probate Disputes

We combine a sensitive and sympathetic approach to inheritance and probate disputes with a determined fighting spirit to ensure the best results are achieved. We have a range of funding options available, including No Win – No Fee and deferred fees. We also operate a HELPLINE offering FREE case assessment.

Leading inheritance experts

We are one of a few firms in the country to have a dedicated team of lawyers dealing specifically with contested wills and inheritance disputes. We are recommended by the independent guide to the legal profession, The Legal 500, and represent clients nationwide.

Don’t delay in seeking legal advice

We know how painful it is when you lose a loved one and how upsetting it can be if a legal dispute arises. But it’s important not to delay in seeking specialist advice

It’s natural to be upset if you discover someone close to you has favoured another family member or friend in their will or has failed to provide you with the expected financial protection on their death. Although it can be difficult at these times to think about the legal side of things it is important to seek specialist legal advice as soon as possible.

Taking early advice may ensure you do not lose the ability to challenge the distribution of the estate or the validity of the Will itself. Strict time limits operate and you could lose out if you don’t act quickly.

The benefits of mediation

Judges encourage parties to resolve disputes before they reach the courtroom. We are strong advocates of alternative forms of dispute resolution, particularly mediation. Not only is mediation cheaper and faster than court action, but it also provides a better chance of restoring family relationships.

The services we provide

We offer a full range of inheritance and contested probate services including:

  • Challenges to the validity of a Will on the grounds of:

lack of mental capacity;
undue influence;
lack of knowledge or approval;
failure to comply with the formalities of executing a will correctly;
revocation by a later will;
fraud and/or forgery

  • Claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975
  • Applications to remove and replace executors/trustees
  • Applications for the rectification of a will
  • Claims relating to beneficial interests, estoppel and trusts (including resulting trusts and constructive trusts)
  • Disputes involving beneficiaries and executors

Free case assessment

To find out where you stand and the funding options open to you, call our FREE legal helpline now on 0808 139 1606 or email us for a free case assessment at [email protected]

Naomi Ireson

Partner – Contentious Probate
Naomi’s areas of practice include claims, challenges to the validity of wills and beneficial interest claims involving estoppel and constructive trusts.

01823 345653
[email protected]

Chris Holten

Solicitor – Contentious Probate
Chris combines two areas of practice, specialising in both Contentious Probate disputes and Estate Administration. This includes Wills, Probates, and more.

01823 429605
[email protected]

Chris Green

Solicitor – Contentious Probate
Chris specialises in all aspects of contentious probate litigation including claims under the Inheritance Act and invalid will challenges.

01823 345654
 [email protected]