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Our team of Employment Law solicitors are specialists in advising and representing Employers. We believe that prevention is the best cure and therefore encourage employers to contact us well before there is any hint of an employment dispute.

We particularly recommend that you seek professional advice on your contracts of employment and your standard terms & conditions. We can also review your procedures so as to minimise the risk of a claim being made by a disgruntled employee.

Despite the best laid plans, disputes will occasionally arise and when they do our experienced employment law solicitors are on hand to help. We are adept at resolving employment disputes of all kinds and endeavour to find solutions outside of the Employment Tribunal (ET) system.

However, it is not always possible to avoid a formal claim, no matter how hard we try, in which case our in-house advocates are on call to represent you in the ET.

Employers, ever wary of escalating costs and the spreading influence of EC regulations, have increasingly been asking us about the availability of a fixed fee package so that for a one-off fee they will be covered for any eventuality; a sort of employers legal insurance. This has led us to develop a unique package for employers of all sizes which offers peace of mind at an affordable cost. For more details of this package and our other services please browse our main points on the right hand side.

Unfair Dismissal

We can assist by advising on the dismissal process from the start to ensure that both the reasons for the dismissal and the procedures that you follow do not give rise to such a claim.


We can assist you by ensuring that the redundancy situation is 'genuine', providing advice on the correct consultation and section procedures as well as calculating redundancy payments.

Contracts of Employment

Our employment law solicitors can draft new contracts (or amend existing ones) so that they offer suitable protection to you as an employer and are specific to your business needs, by including confidentiality and restraint of trade clauses for example.


Our employment law solicitors can assist by implementing positive steps to eliminate discrimination in the workplace, such as drafting Equality & Diversity policy and codes of practice, to help avoid an expensive claim being brought against you.

Roger Cheves

Associate Solicitor – Litigation
advises predominantly in the areas of Employment Law and high value Civil Litigation, particularly commercial contract dispute resolution.

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