Injury claim success: Footpath injury victim wins compensation

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Our client was walking along a public footpath after having played at a local park with his young grandson. Whilst walking he failed to notice a raised area on the pavement. Unfortunately he caught his foot on the protruding edge causing him to trip and fall.

As a consequence of the trip our client suffered a fracture to his hip and required a partial hip replacement.

He appointed this firm to seek compensation on his behalf on a No Win – No Fee basis.

A Claim Notification Form was sent to the Highway Authority’s insurers. Further enquiries were made to establish the exact circumstances surrounding the defect. This resulted in the Highway Authority admitting liability for the accident.

A medical report was obtained and a meeting with a specialist personal injury barrister was arranged with the client and his lawyer, Jasmine Butler, in attendance. The barrister advised that the client could expect to receive in excess of £25,000 for the accident; perhaps as much as £30,000.

Shortly after the conference Jasmine drafted a detailed witness statement detailing the adverse effects of the injuries sustained in the accident on our client. She also prepared a detailed schedule of the financial losses suffered by him as a result, which included potential future losses.

An offer under Part 36 of the Civil Procedure Rules was then made, prompting a series of negotiations. By the end of the negotiation process we obtained an award on our client’s behalf in the sum of £32,000 – a sum in excess of the figure which the barrister had advised could be recovered.

This is an example of the results that can be achieved in a personal injury claim where ample time and effort are put into gathering evidence in support of a case prior to initiating settlement negotiations.

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