David Lees



David Lees is an experienced contentious probate solicitor. He advises clients on challenges to the validity of Wills (such as lack of testamentary capacity, want of knowledge and approval, undue influence, forgery and fraudulent calumny); beneficiary claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family & Dependants) Act 1975 and proprietary estoppel; Trust/Trustee disputes and Executor disputes.

David is a pragmatic lawyer who believes in delivering a cost-effective service. He works hard for his clients, his thoroughness and forensic abilities stemming from his former experience as a police detective in Glasgow. He will always strive to settle cases early and by negotiation if he can, often via alternative dispute resolution (such as mediation).

Recent Client Feedback:

From very first speaking to you on the phone, you did everything to reasure me and inform me of how things would proceed. I was on my own on the day of the mediation and was very nervous, but your phonecall on the morning to enquire how I was feeling really helped to calm me. Throughout the proceedings, as well as being very professional, you were also there to support me emotionally.I can honestly say I could not have got through the day without you and the support you gave me both professionally and emotionally. You treated me as person and human being not just a client. I thank you very much for everything.

J. H.

David Lees went above and beyond with my case; even when he did not have to, he did. The case was very difficult at times but David guided me and helped me all the way through, and when l needed help David always picked up and answered the phone. David Lees is a very experienced solicitor and he knows his law. Sometimes I wanted to give up but he can get you through it, as l found out. David is a brilliant solicitor and a good guy. He talks to you on levels that you will understand and most of all he explains things clearly. l would definitely recommend David, he will get you through what you need to get through in your case and help you all the way. I cannot thank David Lees enough for all the support throughout my case, which was a difficult one.


After my partner died and no will was found, due to many problems and after a lot of thought, I contacted Slee Blackwell. Obviously there was a lot of things and emotions to deal with at the time. From the very beggining of my case to the point of mediation and after I was treated with respect. I felt they were very professional and also humane, always listening and understanding and taking the time to reassure me throughout. I would recommend Slee Blackwell and David Lees.


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