Pre-Nuptial & Pre-Marital Agreements

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Our Pre-Nuptial and Pre-Marital agreement service in Devon and Somerset

Although Pre-Nuptial Agreements and Pre-Marital Agreements are not binding, the courts are increasingly willing to take them into account on divorce or dissolution of a marriage. We are able to draw up an Agreement that uniquely suits your personal circumstances and will be happy to provide you with an estimate of our fees in advance.

What a Pre-Nuptial or Pre-Marital agreement involves

A Pre-Nuptial agreement or Pre-Marital agreement sets out how your assets (such as property, investments or pensions) would be divided if you ever came to divorce.

They can be especially helpful where you have received financial help from family or friends or where a future inheritance inheritance is expected. They can also be used to protect your children’s inheritance.

In addition a Pre-Nuptial agreement can protect one party from the other party’s debts.

For the agreement to be legally valid a range of legal requirements must be met. This includes full financial disclosure being made and independent advice taken.

Our specialist solicitors will take care of all the legal requirements and will be happy to have a chat with you about what you wish to achieve.

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We are members of Resolution, a nationally respected body of specialist family lawyers who are committed to finding swift and cost-effective solutions to family law disputes.

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