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The rising problem of stress at work

Work related stress and occupation stress are on the increase. With over 420,000 work related illnesses due to stress every year, stress is the most common cause of absence for non-manual workers. Among the occupations most affected by stress are: health, social work and education.

The most common symptoms of stress include:

  • Irritability
  • changes in eating habits
  • sleeping problems
  • chest pain
  • depression and mental health issues
  • high blood pressure and other medical ailments

Stress at work has a number of causes. The most common are work pressure, lack of managerial support and work related bullying or harassment.

The rise in the number of people suffering work related stress illnesses has led directly to an increase in the number of enquiries we receive from people who want to know if they are entitled to claim compensation.

The legal hurdles

Although compensation can be claimed by employees who suffer stress at work, these claims are notoriously difficult to succeed on.

Judges have imposed a series of hurdles that a claimant must overcome in order to receive compensation. It is therefore vital that anyone considering a stress at work claim consults specialist lawyers who are experts in this complex area of law.

If you feel that your circumstances are likely to satisfy the legal requirements for a successful work-related stress claim then our team of lawyers will be happy to consider the case.

In summary, for a stress at work claim to be viable you will need to be able to prove:

  • You are suffering from a recognised psychiatric condition;
  • Your stress illness was caused (or exacerbated) by your employment;
  • Your stress illness was foreseeable, and
  • Your employer could (and should) have taken steps that would have prevented it arising.

Time Limits

Claims against employers in relation to workplace stress must generally be brought within 3 years so it is important to seek specialist legal advice as soon as possible. In some circumstances it may be possible to bring a claim outside this time limit if, for example, the health problems caused by your employment did not become apparent until later. It is important to seek professional advice as soon as possible and not to delay.

Funding your stress at work claim

We can deal with stress at work claims on a no win, no fee basis.

Free case assessment

If you think your case can satisfy the legal requirements for a successful stress at work claim then contact us now.

We understand that financial compensation will not make you better, but the experience can be a positive one. You will be able to talk confidentially to an experienced medical expert who can support you through the emotional problems that stress can cause. If your claim succeeds, we can seek funding for counselling and therapy to assist you in your recovery. If your illness has caused a long lasting impact on your career or ability to undertake work this will be taken into account in the compensation package

To speak to one of our lawyers in total confidence, please call us on freephone 0808 139 1606 for a FREE, no obligation assessment of your case.