Rising court fees are a bar to justice

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Critics of the recent government imposed hike in court fees have have hit out against the spiralling cost of litigation.

According to a recent poll, 90% of dispute specialists said the twin factors of rising court fees and increasing disclosure costs would dissuade potential litigants.

The recently imposed cost-budgeting procedures were also criticised for driving up legal costs. Ironically the measures had been intended to reduce litigation costs!

Fees in the county court have been massively increased by the government, with 5% of the value of a claim now being charged for County Court claims worth over £10,000. Claims with a value of £200,000 will command a court issue fee of a staggering £10,000.

This creates funding problems for people wishing to use the court system and is actively restricting access to justice. In the last few years we have taken a step back to the days when justice was only available to those who could afford it; a principle that is at odds with the rule of law in a democratic society.