Slee Blackwell Solicitors Sponsor Bideford Rugby Club

With Slee Blackwell Solicitors sponsoring Bideford RFC, many members of staff will be attending the Grand Opening to show our support.

Slee Blackwell Solicitors sponsor Bideford RFC

Slee Blackwell have recently become affiliated with one of North Devon’s favourite rugby clubs by becoming a main sponsor of Bideford RFC for the upcoming season. Bideford RFC has strong ties throughout North Devon and is very much a part of the community, receiving huge support from its local members as well as from people who have moved farther afield.

The atmosphere at Bideford RFC is always friendly and people of all ages enjoy themselves watching the games, socialising and making new friends. Sharing these values and community spirit, Slee Blackwell Solicitors are proud to have the opportunity of sponsoring Bideford RFC and are keen to show support for the club and its members. Bideford RFC is in full swing with fundraising and building the club’s new development project.

The first stage of this project, the provision of new changing rooms, is due to be completed shortly and Saturday 29th August will see the ‘Grand Opening’ which is being held at the club, with a big hog roast and of course some rugby. Many Slee Blackwell staff will be attending the Grand Opening to show our support and we are looking forward to a great start to the new season (not to mention a good hog roast and perhaps a pint!) Watch out for the follow-up article which will include some pictures of the day’s events.

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