Naomi Ireson

Naomi is a specialist inheritance dispute lawyer and one of England’s leading practitioners in this complex field.Her areas of practice include claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975, challenges to the validity of wills and beneficial interest claims involving estoppel and constructive trusts. She also deals with Court of Protection cases.

Family farming disputes in Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset

We specialise in dealing with family farming disputes in Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset. Our team of specialist trust dispute solicitors have seen a significant rise in the number of farming disputes in recent years. There are likely to be many reasons for this, but the complicated structures of modern farming businesses and the historical lack of succession planning, combined with the rise

Removal of executors

Removal of executors is a drastic step to take, but sometimes there is no other option, writes contentious probate partner, Naomi Ireson. While most executors perform their duties diligently and in good faith, there are some who act in a cavalier fashion, refusing to comply with their duties or act reasonably. In some cases executors

How to enter a caveat

Naomi Ireson, a lawyer specialising in disputed Wills, explains how to enter a caveat and the pitfalls to avoid. Caveats are used to prevent a grant of probate from being issued when someone has passed away. This will usually be because there is a dispute over the validity of the deceased’s Will. They are also

What is proprietary estoppel, and can I make claim?

What is proprietary estoppel, and can I make claim on a no win, no fee basis?  Proprietary estoppel is a legal remedy which can be used against a landowner who has made promises in relation to ownership of land, but then fails to honour them. It is therefore used as a means of acquiring legal

The legal rights of a disinherited child

What are the legal rights of a disinherited child? Our inheritance dispute helpline is regularly contacted by callers who have been disinherited by their parents and want to know what their legal rights are. People are often surprised to learn that in the jurisdiction of England and Wales there is no legal obligation on a

Executor misconduct

We specialise in contentious probate law, dealing with cases nationwide. For a free review of your situation call us on 0333 888 0404 or send brief details in an email to [email protected]


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Challenging the validity of a Will

We deal with Will disputes nationwide. For free guidance from one of our team of expert No Win, No Fee inheritance dispute lawyers contact our legal helpline by phone or email.

Donatio Mortis Causa: Are deathbed gifts valid?

Naomi Ireson is a specialist contentious probate lawyer. Contact her for a free assessment of your claim by phone or email.

Specialist inheritance solicitors

Slee Blackwell Solicitors LLP have one of the largest teams of lawyers in the South West dealing exclusively with inheritance disputes and contested Wills.