Register for 10% discount on your legal fees when selling your property

Benefit from our experience of dealing with property transactions on your estate. Register today and receive a 10% discount on your legal fees when you sell your property.

Having dealt with a lot of conveyancing transactions on your estate, our conveyancing lawyers are very familiar with the legal issues that arise when a property is sold. It also means that we already hold a number of key documents on our central database that relate specifically to your development.

You can now benefit from all our experience when you appoint us to deal with your sale. Not only will this speed up the legal process, but it also enables us to offer you a 10% discount on our normal fees.

Our local know-how and database of key documents

When a property on a modern housing estate is sold, the seller is generally required to provide the buyer with additional information and a range of documents. It can take time for the seller and their solicitor to compile this, but because we have dealt with so many transactions on your development, all that hard work has already been done by us.

The type of information and documentation that is required when a property on your estate is sold (over and above what must normally be provided) includes:

  • Planning consents for the original development.
  • Variations to the planning consent.
  • Side agreements made with the council for contributions towards public facilities.
  • Agreements with the County Council for the adoption of the roads on the estate.
  • Agreements with South West Water for the adoption of the sewers and water mains on the estate.
  • The warranty scheme covering the property for the first 10 years of its life.
  • The management company that maintains the communal spaces on the development.

We already hold this information on our database. So, when you come to sell your property, we can quickly and easily access it, smoothing the legal process, and saving you time and money.

How to register

To register for your 10% deposit simply drop us an email using the form below. We will then get back to you to confirm that you have successfully registered for the discount.

Terms and conditions

Now for the boring bits – we are lawyers, so we do need to cover this.

The discount of 10% will be applied based on our standard conveyancing fees for sale of the property as published on our website.

The offer is valid until 31 December 2025

In some cases, we may ask you to provide details of your registration.

All information submitted as part of the registration process is strictly confidential. It will not be shared with any third parties whatsoever and will not be used for marketing purposes.

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