Joining us as a trainee solicitor

We’ve learnt from past experience that the best method of recruiting good lawyers is to attract them to the firm as a trainee solicitor and provide quality training with plenty of hands-on experience. There is an old adage that a trainee solicitor should never stay with the firm where they trained. That might apply to many practices, but not to Slee Blackwell. In fact of our current partnership Nick Arthur, Paul Jordan, Lee Dawkins,  James McNally and Louise Langabeer were all trainee solicitors with the firm, and none of them (so far) has shown an inclination to move on elsewhere!

What qualities do we look for in a trainee solicitor?

Well, we want more than just academic and intellectual ability. Sure you have to be bright to cut it as a solicitor, but it takes more than pure brain power to become a successful lawyer. Candidates who have had some experience of life are often the best suited. That’s why we welcome applications from people who have gained their degree in a non-law subject. Again there are many people sitting around our partnership table that have qualified via the Diploma in Law or the old CPE course.

Law Graduates

That’s not to say we don’t appreciate the pure law graduate, especially if they bring with them the potential to develop an appreciation and understanding of the commercial environment within which modern law firms have to operate. So, if you are ambitious, creative, industrious, enthusiastic and have some good qualifications behind you, we’d love to hear from you.

Applying for a training contract

To be considered for a training contract send us your CV with a covering letter explaining why you are interested in joining us, which areas of law interest you and what contribution you think you can make to the firm.

To enable us to get to know you, and for you to get to know us, we offer work experience opportunities while you are studying. Once you have completed your studies we encourage prospective trainees to join is on an initial placement working as a paralegal.

Key Contacts


To train at one of our North Devon offices contact Oliver Thorne:

[email protected]

To train at our Taunton office contact Lee Dawkins:

[email protected]